Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked Turkey Breast

One of the truly finest meat products sold by Joe's Barbeque of Alvin, Texas is the SMOKED TURKEY BREAST. This approximately 6 lb delicacy, is slow smoked for hours over Texas hickory wood until golden brown. Once removed from one of Joe's 4-two ton pits, it is carefully wrapped to preserve the moist and succulent flavor only found in the finest of turkey products. This white meat beauty is cooked only after being hand-rubbed with Joe's special herbs and spices. After refrigerator thawing, heat gently after receiving this turkey favorite or eat at room temperature.

Joe's SMOKED TURKEY BREAST has long been a best seller and paired with Joe's golden brown chickens, makes the perfect pair for foul lovers everywhere. Joe's SMOKED TURKEY BREAST are the perfect gift for that special client or always a favorite to give to friends and neighbors as thank you gifts or gifts for other special occasions. Holidays are the perfect setting for giving SMOKED TURKEY BREAST and many office gatherings enjoy serving Joe's SMOKED TURKEY BREAST for office parties during special times of the year.

Paired with the finest of all beef products, the Japaneese AKAUSHI BEEF, SMOKED TURKEY BREAST offer an inviting selection for that very special occasion where only blue-ribon selections will suffice. Mix Joe's special SMOKED TURKEY BREAST with any of Joe's great barbeque products and never worry about pleasing a crowd with healthy appetites.

Joe's famous HONEY HAM and SPIRAL HAM and Joe's SMOKED TURKEY BREAST offer the perfect combo for entertaining 10-100 or more people at one setting. Mix in some enticing BBQ RIBS and your party or office gathering will have a waiting list that will continue to grow after each appetizing gathering. Joe's Barbeque ships nationwide and no gathering is too large or small; and each food order is specially prepared for your special needs.

Joe's SMOKED TURKEY BREAST, along with Joe's other great turkey products; Joe's BARBEQUE TURKEY, SMOKED JALAPENO TURKEY, AND SMOKED CAJUN TURKEY, or crowd pleasures year in and year out. Try any of our great turkey products and we promise you'll be a customer for a lifetime. Give us a call at 877-686-1227 or visit our website We'll be waiting with some great Texas hospitality.


Joe's has Great Smoked Turkey Breast

[Posted on June 8]

For one of the tastiest dishes you will ever eat, try smoked turkey breast at Joe’s Barbeque. More than 2,000 hungry customers come in every day and they will tell you our smoked turkey breast is the best.

Our Smoked Turkey Breast is Made with Lots of Care
Those who live around here know that our smoked turkey breast is made with the best care and consideration for the most succulent taste. When we deliver our turkey, we make sure that is remains moist and flavorsome as well as tender. We rub it in Joe’s special herbs and spices and slowly cook it for hours. That way it comes out tasting great. We carefully wrap it so all of the flavor is retained. Doesn’t that make you hungry for a bite? When you need a delivery order from Joe’s, remember our new incentive:  Free shipping on all orders over $100 nationwide, second day air is available and as always, no sales tax on any order. Also, there is free BBQ sauce on all brisket and combo orders. There is hardly a place in the United States that we do not deliver our food. Log on today and start enjoying some of Texas’ best food!

Smoked Turkey is Not All We Have at Joe’s
Smoked turkey breast is a special dish we have at Joe’s. But that is not the only thing you can order. We also have delicious BBQ ribs, smoked brisket, honey glazed ham and more. For more than 30 years, we have been serving our customers the best barbeque that money can buy. Whether it is smoked turkey breast or smoked ribs, people who come into Joe’s know that they are in for a real treat once they enter the doors. For those who live far away, we can make sure you are serviced, too. We offer Free shipping on all orders over $100 nationwide, second day air is available and as always, no sales tax on any order. Also, there is free BBQ sauce on all brisket and combo orders. Order some great tasting food from Joe’s today!

Stop by or Order Online
If you happen to live in or near Alvin, Texas, come on by Joe’s. We will have a seat for you. But if you live far of, order our food online. You can get some smoked turkey breast delivered right to your front door. So if you want some BBQ ribs or smoked turkey breast, get it from Joe’s. Remember, at Joes, it is all about the barbeque.

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